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Automatic drop seals

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Athmer - securely safe.

Athmer has been involved in the production of automatic door seals for more than 60 years. The successof the company is a combination of expertise and quality and enables the continuous development andimprovement of its product range. Offering the widest range on the market, Athmer has the right product for practically every type of application. In addition to automatic door seals for acoustic, smoke and fireprotection doors, the range also offers seals for radiation protection doors and for doors with extremelylarge gaps of up to 50 mm at the bottom.

Within the industry, the Athmer trademarks Kältefeind®  andSchall-Ex®  have become synonymous with automatic door seals. Athmer’s automatic door seals support the principles of sustainable and energy-efficient building.Using a seal reduces CO2 emissions and make therefore a real contribution to the eco-balance. It also complies with the recommendations regarding barrier-free building and ensures that people who are elderly or physically challenged people have comfortable and safe access to buildings and rooms.

The new Stadi

The classic for system doors

Whatever demands are placed on a seal: The Stadi meets them. The new version of Athmer's Stadi sealing range for system doors made of plastic, steel or aluminium is so versatile and adaptable that it covers a wide range of applications. All Stadi versions are based on the same mechanical philosophy and this brings many advantages with it – such as parallel lowering, the lack of an inner rail offset or the option of time-delayed closing.  


the synonym for autom. drop seals

The youngest generation of the Schall-Ex® L-15 sets new standards in the market. The solutions of the product range have excellent sound insulation values, a sturdy mechanism and are very easy and quick to mount.

Athmer Rainstop®

Zero means zero - seals for exterior doors

The Athmer Rainstop® stands for certified quality: the renowned ift Rosenheim certifies the new sealing system's resistance to driving rain, resistance to wind load and excellent sound reduction values. The Athmer Rainstop ®for barrier-free exterior doors is used in many places such as private homes, retirement homes, hospitals, hotels and public buildings  


sealing system for retrofitting

The new NADI® sealing system for retrofitting improves sound absorption values and updates existing fire doors to smoke doors. As the first and as yet only system on the market, NADI® has a flexible and resiliently mounted sealing profile which effectively balances out and withstands heat deformation of the door leaf > 10 mm, and optionally even > 14 mm.


Zero means zero!

Athmer door seals make trip hazards at door thresholds a thing of the past. All Athmer sealing systems are barrier-free - without any ifs and buts. Our zero threshold solutions for doors even meet the requirements of the German industrial standard (DIN 18040). This also tolerates threshold heights > two centimetres for barrier-free construction. But at Athmer, we go by the maxim: Zero means zero!” - and this goes hand in hand with enhanced sealing properties.

Our systems Schall-Ex®, Stadi-L, Doppeldicht® and Kältefeind® are certified in accordance with the standards for barrier-free planning, construction and living (DIN 18040) and meet the requirements for permitted operating forces for barrier-free doors in accordance with DIN EN 12217. The specially developed actuation mechanisms for Athmer door seals mean more independence and freedom of movement, particularly for people with reduced mobility, especially for wheelchair users.

For Athmer, the optimum operating comfort of doors has traditionally been at the top of the agenda in product development. Today, we are experiencing that the requirements for barrier-free planning and construction are becoming increasingly important. With Athmer sealing systems, door manufacturers and building owners are on the safe side when it comes to barrier-free access. This applies to our standard systems as well as to individual solutions that we develop together with our customers.


ATHMER Produktprogramm

Für jeden Anwendung das richtige Dichtprofil

Seals for wooden doors

Our sealing systems for wooden doors are extremely versatile. We fit them in smoke, fire and acoustic doors as well as in damp and wet room doors and front doors. Our automatic door seals are also used in radiation protection doors and double-wing door systems.

Seals for retrofitting

Many Athmer door seals can easily be retrofitted - with little installation work during day-to-day use. Our retrofit seals are suitable for various materials (wood or glass) and different types of doors (sliding or hinged, single or double-wing doors).

Retrofits optimise fire and smoke control, improve acoustic and draught tightness and solve problems posed by warped doors or uneven floors.

Retrofitting sealing systems helps to save heating costs, enhances living comfort and well-being and improves the energy balance of the building.

Please refer to our product database or our product catalogues for more information.

Glass door seals

Athmer sealing systems for all-glass doors are versatile in use and provide a reliable seal - whether for standard doors or commercial doors. Our sealing systems are ideal both for hinged doors and sliding doors (including automatic sliding doors), no matter how thick the glass is.

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