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Kältefeind®, Schall-­Ex® and co. Success founded on our history.

The success story that is Athmer began more than 60 years ago. The Kältefeind door seal®  - registered as a trademark in 1955 – was initially conceived first and foremost for improving living comfort. 

It was not until the first oil crisis in 1973 that awareness was raised and the focus was placed on the need to conserve energy resources. 

Athmer became the market leader within a few years, first in Germany, then later in Austria and Belgium, and finally throughout the whole of Europe. Today, Kältefeind® is delivered all over the world.  

The second success story of the still up-and-coming Athmer company was Schall-Ex® in the 1980s. Its patented inner seal achieved top results in sound insulation tests. 

Within the industry, Kältefeind® and Schall-Ex® have long become synonymous with automatic floor seals for doors. They have been sold and proved themselves millions of times over. 

These were followed by innovative sealing systems for acoustic, smoke, fire and radiation protection doors and special seals for all-glass or sliding doors. 

Influenced by the turnaround in the energy policy, insulation grew in significance after the turn of the century, both in renovation projects and in new builds. Since then, Athmer sealing systems have really come into their own in green building projects. 

The year 1986 saw the launch of Athmer Fingerschutz® which prevents fingers becoming trapped in doors and rounds off Athmer’s range of products. Increasing awareness in the importance of safety, coupled with the trend towards fitting doors with an actuator, serve to boost the success of Athmer’s closing edge safety devices. As a logical step, Athmer built its own production hall for the area of finger protection in 2011. 

To be more precise, the history of the Athmer company began, in fact, more than 100 years ago. It was in 1905 that the parent company, Julius Cronenberg Sophienhammer o.H, or JCS for short, took over what was then the Athmer scythe factory. The corporate motto even then was: Forging in flux - forging change. The JCS itself looks back on a more than 300-year history. It was founded by Caspar Cronenberg in the year 1711 and is still in family ownership today.